Get Your Scholarship

Harsh and Payal Hada started this initiative in the year 2010 to support students who fall-back-behind in the line of 'most talented' on the mere excuse that they did not come with a profitable inheritance to help them continue through.

The program provides upto Rs.1 Lakh in scholarship grants per student. The scholarship is paid directly to the School / Institution and no cash is reimbursed to the students.


This scholarship program is open to students pursuing Higher Secondary (XI, XII), Graduation and any Post-Graduation courses, who are from financially weak backgrounds and have demonstrated their academic excellence. Students studying in Government / Reputed Colleges are given preference.


Candidate selection is based on a comprehensive screening and evaluating process and continuous monitoring of academic performance is carried out.



Following documents are required:

1) Hand written application, which states reason for seeking scholarship and inability to pay fees. Please give detailed family background, which should include details of each member and their yearly income.

2) Income certificates, salary certificates from employers or Income Tax Return copy of parents to be sent with the application.

3) Recommendation letter from employer or the local councilor.

4) Attested mark sheet and photo identity card issued both by the school and the respective boards for class X / XII / College / University as applicable. Attach all that is available.

5) Proof of your admission and enrollment letter is mandatory along with Institute recommendation letter with supporting documents of Annual Course Fee.

6) Two recent passport size photographs.

7) Attach documents as per 1 to 6 above and deliver to the Trust offices.


1) This scholarship is open for Indian citizens who come from financially weak backgrounds.

2) Girl students' who have got above 80% and boys above 85% in Class X and XII respectively may apply for this scholarship.

3) Candidate Selection will be based on a comprehensive screening and interview process.

4) Continue education performance evaluation will be conducted for selected candidates.

5) No cash will be given to candidates. Cheque / DD will be made in the name of the educational Institutes.

6) Application may be rejected without assigning any reason.