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Harsh & Payal Hada Foundation (HPF) is a charitable trust that provides financial support to meritorious students who lack the financial background to pursue their higher education dreams. 

One of the biggest anomalies faced by Indian society is the challenge to provide proper education to students from the weaker sections of the society. Career building here, is limited to the spectacle of monetary endorsements that a family can afford; but what beyond that – Are the less fortunate destined to lose control over their right to higher education?

It is for these struggling students that the Harsh & Payal Hada Foundation (HPF) has designed a resourceful solution – a scholarship program where deserving students are provided with financial aid to pursue their higher education dreams. The mission of the trust is simple - Empower youth by helping them complete their higher education and thus ensuring they become employable and contributing members of the society. The vision, however, is a much broader one - to instill a sense of responsibility to the beneficiaries of the fund, to motivate them to contribute back to the society by helping other such deserving students, once they are well established in their career.

Over 900 scholarships have been awarded since our launch in 2010. All applications received by HPF are carefully scrutinized and selected purely based on need and merit and no discrimination is made based on caste, creed or gender. 


When each of us do our part to give back to the society , it creates a cycle of goodness that helps all of us to progress further.

– Harsh Hada

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